"I am a lighting designer and I am particularly sensitive to the quality of the photographs for my productions. Rob's work captures not just the subtlety of the lighting, but also the mood and emotion of each moment. His work is beautiful and I would recommend him without hesitation."
—Dan Kotlowitz, Lighting Designer, Chair, Dartmouth College Theater Department

"Rob has taken exceptional photos on each project we've done together. He's really adept at chronicling the look and feel of a show. He captures strong design moments well, but also finds beautiful images in unexpected moments. Every time we've worked together he's produced dozens of great, usable stills on the same day of our shoot."
—Rachel Karpf, Producer and Director

"Rob is a high-caliber collaborator. His adaptability, good nature, and the swiftness with which he captures the essence of an event are unparalleled. His photos (and personality) lie somewhere between intelligent design and organic evolution, simultaneously down-to-earth and celestial, a connoisseur of the beauty found in all angles, photons and freckles."
—Jeremy Pickard, Creator, Superhero Clubhouse

"Rob Strong's skills as a theater photographer are matched only by his ability to take photos with absolutely no disruption to the show, the actors, or the myriad people running around the house. He is sure to get not only the wide shots that all designers want and need, but also actor close-ups that capture the mood and action of the play. It is difficult to chronicle live theater in any medium, but Rob's photos capture the heart and pulse of each piece he shoots."
—Lillian King, Director